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Frost Free Hose Bib Parts. A frost free hose bib is the best way to prevent an outdoor faucet from freezing and bursting. A leaking frost proof faucet can waste a lot of water but fixes are simple whether the problem is the faucet stem washer assembly the vacuum breaker or just a loose retaining nut.

frost free hose bib parts
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An outdoor faucet is also referred to as a sillcock, a spigot or a hose bib. Bk mueller is well known for top quality plumbing products.

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C 158 c 258 heavy pattern hose bibb with breaker bfp. Complete plumbing source offers bk mueller industries repair parts.

Frost Free Hose Bib Parts

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If you have any questions about our outdoor faucet repair parts fill out our contact form and one of our plumbing experts will be happy to assist you.Length range 4” to 14”, chrome plated brass body, 180° turn, ceramic seats, solder or threaded end connections, use in u.s.Metal replacement wheel handle for frost proof sillcock.Prier products chrome sillcock valve repair part.

Prier products heavy duty residential 8 in.Prier products heavy duty residential diamond series wall hydrant.Prier’s complete wall hydrant service kit includes all parts to service your mansfield style 300, 400 and old 500 series wall hydrants along with prier’s original 300, 400 and new diamond series models.Replacement parts for frost free faucet installation instructions.

The design and installation of a frost free hose bib on your home’s exterior can save you a lot of money and headaches when the temperature drops.The frost free faucet has 4 main parts, the handle, the stem which is connected to the handle, the body.The frost proof sillcock operation is like most other faucets with one big difference, the faucet’s length is much longer to protect the valve from the cold elements.The hose bib is designed to drain the water out of the section that will be exposed to the cold weather, when a garden hose is left on, that section of the hose bib can’t drain the water that is trapped inside, the trapped water freezes and expands, causing the frost free hose bib to split.

The kit comes with brass repair ends that fit into a a copper tube and 16 inches of copper tube with a mini tubing cutter.The valve and faucet seat is located on back end of the pipe.These handles are for the frost free sillcock to replace a broken or lost handle.These items are ideal for gas stations, convenience stores, strip malls, churches, and other light commercial applications.

This product is susceptible to dezincification and does not hold a high dzr rating.This product should not be used in applications where brass parts may be exposed to hard water (high sulfur or mineral content).This section contains frost free sillcocks manufactured by zurn and boshart.Usually, bibbs are located outside around the side of the house.

When you shut off the hose bib, the water is stopped at the valve.